• Boston 1775 - "History, analysis, and unabashed gossip about the start of the American Revolution in Massachusetts."
  • Slightly Obsessed - An 18th Century Reenacting Blog
Discussion Lists:
  • 18cLife - A general mailing list about life in the 18th century, mainly focused on the American colonies. 
  • RevList - A list revolving around the study and reenactment of the military aspects of the American Revolution.
  • RevWarCostume - Discussions about recreating period clothing.
  • RWProgressive - Discussions about reenacting the military aspects of the American Revolution, with a focus on the "progressive" side of the hobby.
Research Sites:
  • - Popular site for genealogy research.  Membership required to search many of the collections.
  • Google Books - Excellent search engine for finding digitized copies of primary material.
  • New England Historic Genealogy Society - An online collection of records focused on New England.  Good resource for early vital records.  Membership required to search most of the collections.
  • The American Bookbinder's Museum - Documents, images of equipment, and a directory of bookbinders. 

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